Mind, Body and Soul

'The mind is it thoughts, the heart is it desires and the soul is it experiences’

Without all three we would be aimlessly walking through life.

Before you are a CEO, Senior Manager, Student, Parent, Aunty, caregiver etc, you are first and foremost a human being. I have to remind myself of this sometimes, I am sure you do too! These are some of the focal areas that keep me well balanced.

Connection with God.

I don’t play with my relationship to God my spiritual guide, father, brother, friend, confidant, leader. For many of us, our religious affiliation is a source of sanity, peace and tranquillity. It has taken many years of me, resisting, opposing, not believing that there is a higher creator watching and caring for me like no other in this world. For me, this personal relationship with God keeps my mind and soul at peace.

It is not as easy as it seems. Despite the often-many challenges I go through, I can pull through because I have that great connection with him. Consistency of prayer, reading, listening and most importantly, understanding the material helps build my self-confidence and guide my personal and spiritual growth. This is key certainly at this time in my life, when I have chosen to build an organisation and business that will impact people for generations.
My connection with God helps me stay positive.

Building a daily routine.

We are such creatures of habit. You may not always be aware, but we have certain neural pathways we follow. This is basically a series of behaviours exhibited one after another. Many of the neural pathways we have implemented in our brains over the years are largely unconscious and this is where the power of building a morning routine lies.

Building a morning routine is all about being deliberate in the habits we want to cultivate. How you build your morning routine will be specific to you and your environment but irrespective of these factors you can build an effective routine for your life. My morning routine consists of the following:

I set my alarm, although I generally wake up before it goes off. Stay in bed a little longer, meditate in silence, and pray, then wake the kids up and help them get ready for school, which involves, hurry up, brush your hair, have you brushed your teeth and making sure the lunches are prepared. Then see them off and off to the gym for the morning workout. By 7am I have my work out and then prepare for my day ahead!

Make sure to factor in the following features to your morning routine:
Mediate, Hydration, Exercise, Sunlight and learning, Sleep.

Do what you love.

‘When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life’.

People are my passion, leading change and daring to be different, going against the norms and impacting people is what I truly love.

People management, giving advice, support, helping to provide solutions, as well as coaching for specific outcomes and mentoring young people, is where I see my true passion come to life.

It’s exciting to be involved in a major change programme, which will turn people and business upside down for the better. Whilst going through it, it can feel uncomfortable and painful at times, but the delight and satisfaction when it's delivered and has achieved positive results, is a well worth it, especially when the doubters come back and say great job!

Giving my advice, that comes from many years of experience and being recognised and commended for it, is truly a blessing.

We all have our different passions and not all of us are lucky enough to work on our passions full time. However, what I encourage is that you find time in your day to work on your passion whether you are in-training, or informally working with your passion


I’m so grateful for all that has been given to me, the opportunities that I have had, the times when I have worked so hard for great results. The development opportunities that have nearly broken me! I’m genuinely grateful for them all!

Gratitude for me keeps me on the positive side of life. When we become bogged down by all the negativity this world has to offer then it becomes hard to keep a positive focused mindset. We have all met people before that are unnecessarily negative and bitter and I find those people hard to be around.

I choose to have a positive attitude and spread this to others. A coaching friend of mine suggested I do the high 5’s every Friday. This is where you write down and send to your accountability partner, 5 things you are proud of for the week. I urge you to try it, it’s easy to forget what you really have achieved for the week, it’s a great reminder and can instantly improve your mood.