Topical – COVID19 Corona and the challenges of working from home

Presenteeism was a problem before the proliferation of COVID-19, now we have to shift to outcome and performance-based management. We can no longer get away with just simply showing up to work, we are now in a world where results will matter even more than ever.

How do we now manage expectations and performance?

Working from home brings its own challenges and a multitude of distractions. An example of this is for people that have children, there is no way you can have a whole workday to yourself as your children will invariably need your attention.

How can you prepare for your day, by creating a space at home which you identify with working. Separating work from home and being self motivated to get work done. Let's explore!

Creating your own workspace

Not everyone is able to have an in-house office where they can almost guarantee silence. Many people want to work from a place of comfort such as their bed, but this may not bring the answers although it is highly tempting and comforting. If we do not have an already designated workspace that doesn't not mean that we cannot create one. I watched a video recently which highlighted that you don't not need to recreate an office setting in your home to have a designated workspace. The video stated that all you need is a table, chair and a decent internet connection and you are good to go.

Differentiate between work and home

When working from home it is easy for people to start ignoring working hours and work at all manner of the day and night. However, as is key with all things, balance is needed. Work within your usual work hours. If you are working a 9-5 then work as you normally would. If you would usually end up having to spend a couple more hours in the office to finish tasks or attend meetings then do not drastically change this. Furthermore, enjoy your lunch break. You are in the comfort of your own home after all. As well as taking regular breaks, this helps to refresh and renew your mind.


Working without the direct supervision of your manager can allow people to take liberties with their work. Some will do as little as required and nothing more. Procrastination may become a true issue and must be addressed before it becomes habitual. This is a time where we need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and stick to our deadlines.

A way of keeping to this is by having a schedule displayed in front of you at all times. At the end of each day set out the calendar for the next day. This makes it very clear what you are doing at all times and how to mentally prepare yourself for the following day. This takes a lot of self-discipline and if you struggle with this and want to cement that accountability then you can share your calendar with your supervisor.

What methods do you use to maintain your performance when working from home? Comment Below.