Innovation and Creativity in Your Career Development

Innovation starts from within. The concept that every individual is capable of birthing the next big innovation idea seems to be one that is met with some level of skepticism in the world today.

At the recent Young Professional and Youth Coalition (YPYC) 10th Anniversary event held on Saturday, October 5th 2019 that hosted a platform for an extensive discourse on professional development in Ghana, I embarked on a simple exercise during my speech on 'Innovation & Creativity in Career Development’ to prove this point: that innovation was inside everyone.

The Accra International Conference Centre was filled with a diverse mix of business professionals and a good number of Africa’s leading mentors, including the CEO of CDH Investment Holdings (The Chairman of the event), Mr. Emmanuel Adu Sarkodee, Dr. Olu Ajayi, CEO, Maddison Pine; Mr. Abraham Kofi Asante, CEO, Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication (GIFEC); and Mrs. Abena Biney, Partner, Deloitte-Touche. Hon. Dr. Benjamin Bewa-Nyog Kunbuor, former MP for Lawra Nandom and former Minister for Defence, represented the special guest of honor, His Excellency, Former President Jerry John Rawlings.

In the heart of the graceful event honouring notable achievements of colleagues alike, the founder and president of YPYC and a fellow mentor in my HR Mentoring Programme, Mr. Andy Osei Okrah joined this ‘Imagine 2029’ exercise that captivated the room:

I began my presentation asking the audience to take a moment with their eyes closed.

"Imagine this is the year 2029, it's the 20th anniversary of the Young Transformational Leadership Conference, I am in the audience as a guest and you are up here on stage talking about how your company or the business you work for has made a difference through innovation and creativity. You did it, all from your own idea. How did you do it? How did it feel? How are you feeling as you stand on stage and have the chance to inspire the next generation of innovators?”

As the group opened their eyes, a sheer sense of possibility and positivity filled the room as the attendees proceeded to murmur the content of their ideas and visions to one another. They had felt it: the mark of innovation, not as inventors, but as career people. My point was made: “Innovation starts from within, and exists inside everyone”.

Innovation is not only the application of the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) or tech innovation. It is what we do in our small way that creates impact and has value; a unique adaptation from everything that has been done before within that context. Many usually think their creativity only exists outside the corporate world. They leave behind their hidden talent/s and channel all their energy into the monotony of their corporate paths.

I encourage you as I did with the YPYC audience to:

  1. Create a vision without restriction & stay relentless in its pursuit.
  2. Explore your passion for change within your context and do not let your environment "box" you in.
  3. Learn to embrace the knock backs as they are an iconic part of the journey.

Mentorship as a career development and leadership tool

Sarah, an entry-level accountant is interested in assuming a more leadership role in the long-term and her first step is to become a chartered accountant. She has done some research on her own but is still seeking further guidance, so she reaches out to Simon, an older and more experienced career professional in the workplace. Simon chooses to share his own experiences and resources with her in hopes of guiding her along the journey. 

As she continues to progress professionally their relationship grows and he becomes her accountability partner and a sounding board. She shares her successes as well as her failures and setbacks and he advises her and asks challenging questions that help her become better suited for the role of a chartered accountant. Simon even helps expand her network by bringing her into valuable spaces.

Eventually, she reaches her goal and easily acclimatizes to the role because Simon has helped her prepare. Simon became her mentor and in turn, Sarah became his mentee.

Mentorship creates more confident and knowledgeable professionals and turns them into great leaders. who better understand how to achieve their career goals. As an industry professional looking to climb the career ladder, how can you ensure a successful relationship like that of Sarah and Simon?
Mentoring builds trust and creates a safe environment for honest feedback and unbiased career development advice. As David Clutterbuck and David Megginson put it in their book Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring:

Mentoring relates primarily to the identification and nurturing of potential for the whole person. It often is a long-term relationship, where goals may change but are always set by the mentee. The mentee owns both the goals and the process. Feedback comes from within the mentee – the mentor helps them to develop insight and understanding through intrinsic observation, that is, becoming more aware of their own experiences.

In the example above Simon and Sarah formed a long term relationship geared at aiding Sarah to achieve professional goals that she had set for herself. Simon became a sounding board for advice, and granted her opportunities to network by taking her to events she wouldn’t normally have access to.

It is clear that, as a mentor, Simon was a valuable resource. How can you do the same and ensure that you provide your mentees with the best experience?:

In my HR Mentoring programme, I employ all of these techniques and as a result, I have witnessed the transformation in the quality of both the personal and professional lives of the cohorts. Now more than ever, I am driven to empower, engage, and transform lives. My goal is to help create the next generation of thought leaders and critical thinkers.
When I reflect on my career to date, I can testify to the difference that mentorship has played in my career development and in transforming me into a global leader. Whoever you are, seek mentorship, mentor those around you, and help transform the professional landscape.