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The Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme

A bit of history

The Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme was founded in 2018 by Irene Asare, International Human Capital Expert, Executive Career Coach, Speaker, and Founder of CarvinClay People Development. Known as a change agent, Irene has always been passionate about Africa’s economic development, and so at the heights of success and being sensitive of the profound skills gap among local HR professionals, Irene Asare birthed her flagship social responsibility programme the “Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme” in Ghana – West Africa. The first cohort of the Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme was launched in October 2018 and was open to entry and mid-level HR professionals across Ghana.

Now in its third cohort, the programme has been privileged to partner with key brands including the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) Africa which certifies the programme and the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM), Ghana.

Past Cohorts

Past Cohorts:
Mentees and counting...

Why We Needed the HR Mentoring Programme

The talent skills gap across the continent is vast – with the urgency of the need described by some senior managers as the single greatest threat to organisational growth within the next 10 to 15 years across the continent – which is a very dire forecast. And so, it is in the face of this vast need that we, through the Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme are contributing our quota - to give back, support and empower HR professionals across the continent.. We provide a platform for professionals to groom and develop the fundamental skills necessary to thrive in their roles and empower their organisations. 

Why focus on human resources?

The African continent has the youngest population in the world with only 27 million of its 1.3 billion people aged over 70. With such a large youthful population, the integral role of human resource professionals to the short- and long-term development of the continent cannot be understated. The presence of knowledgeable and experienced HR professionals goes a long way to improve an organisation’s bottom line and success. Leaders with expertise in HR strategic management actively participate in corporate decision-making that underlies current staffing assessments and projections for future workforce needs based on business demand. In short, Africa’s greatest natural resource today is her human capital - so, the better question is,Why not human resources?.

Become a Mentor

The Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme matches seasoned HR experts with up and coming practitioners who are looking to transition into HR roles, advance their career or seek guidance for their current positions.

Irene Asare understands the joy and satisfaction that comes with mentoring others and provides such opportunities for other willing and motivated experts in the HR community to impact the next generation of practitioners on the continent. We would be happy to hear from you meet the following requirements:

  • You are looking to give back and empower talent on the continent
  • You have 5 – 10 years’ experience working as a senior management professional in a multinational, corporate or SME space
  • You are you ready to commit yourself to a long-term development programme
We invite you to join us in our quest to shape Africa's future HR leaders. To become a Mentor, submit your Executive Profile and CV today.
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Become a Mentee

Everyone at one point or another has depended on the counsel and support of others – more knowledgeable and experienced to give further insight, shape thinking or outlook about a particular situation – this is true of everyone. Some of the biggest professionals and personalities in the world are themselves a product of mentorship. For instance, Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates by Warren Buffet, J.J Abrams by Stephen Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey by Maya Angelou – and this list goes on and on. So too was the case of Irene Asare. As a product of mentorship, Irene cannot overstate the value of the experience and its role in shaping her career today. As such, we welcome your application if;

  • You work in human resources
  • Are looking to grow your career and enhance your skill set
  • Are interested in building a professional network and connecting with more seasoned professionals.

Then the Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme is here for you! This rigorous programme brings together 25 selected mid-career HR professionals across Ghana to work with and learn from seasoned HR professionals across the human resources industry.


Become a Partner

As a professional growth and diversity-focused programme, becoming a partner of the Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme means making a direct investment into Ghana’s Human Resources talent. This will invariably lead to the long-term growth and success of organisations across Ghana.

Becoming a partner of the Irene Asare HR Mentoring Programme comes with several branding perks including;

  • Strengthening your employer brand.
  • Differentiating your brand as a people-focused and women advocacy/empowerment champion.
  • Contributing to the development of seasoned next-generation HR Professionals and the revolution in human resource management in Ghana and on the continent
  • Partnering a measurable positive CSR impact for your brand.
  • An opportunity to partner with leading human capital development brands such as CarvinClay People Development, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management (CIHRM) Ghana
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The Irene Asare HR Mentorship Programme speedily exposed and deeply immersed me into a vast array of HR knowledge and practical experiences through my one-on-one mentoring by senior and seasoned HR professionals, including Irene Asare. In addition, I learnt from my fellow colleagues who came from diverse backgrounds. The programme offered me a career propelling experience on which no amount of money can be placed and has impacted my career positively and meaningfully. Personally, I feel so grateful to Irene Asare for giving myself and my fellow colleagues such a rare and priceless opportunity at professional growth and development. “Leadership is about empowering others to achieve things they did not think possible” – Simon Sinek. Thank you so much for your vision and leadership, Irene Asare.

Theophilus Tackie-Komme - Country HR Specialist

Plan International Ghana
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