Get used to being uncomfortable, it’s the best place to be when you’re growing and developing!

Career Coaching


  • Become more aware of your career drivers and think through your career aspirations.
  • Provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to make important decisions about your career.
  • Identify your strengths and gaps to excel in your current role and move towards your next opportunity.

The process

  1. Set the Goal or Outcome for The Session
  2. Coaching
  3. Identify and Commit to Action
  4. Key Outcomes and Accountability

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  • Helping you to navigate your career choices
  • Discussing your ideas, feelings, and concerns about your career choices
  • Identifying the factors that are currently influencing your career development
  • Assessing your abilities, values, and interests
  • Locating resources of career information
  • Determining the next steps in a plan that you will develop to ensure you achieve your goals

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Frameworks & models used during the process.

Using 70:20:10 to explore a range of learning activities and choosing the most beneficial to reach objectives. Capturing the conversation in a SMART plan, which forms the basis of your development.
Coaching is most effective over a period to see and measure the results.


Executive Coaching


As a senior business professional you are already successful, however, you sometimes need that independent perspective on your leadership or your business decisions, and you need to have a neutral, confidential person to share your insights, concerns and challenges.

So, who can you turn to, to confide in? Irene Asare!

I will provide you with that confidential space in which to talk and clarify your thinking, as well as your sounding board. I will be that someone to bounce ideas around with who knows from personal experience the pressures of being in the corporate board room and now who runs their company.
We will work together to set SMART goals for the overall coaching process and clear outcomes for each session.
Executive coaching offers you the opportunity to speak freely about your professional career and personal pressures, to talk about concerns and goals without fear of judgement and in the knowledge that what is discussed will receive an empathetic and honest ear and be treated in complete confidence.


I will listen, exchange ideas and challenge when appropriate and bring new perspectives to our discussions.

Together we will plan the next moves, so you can move forward with clarity, enthusiasm and focus on making the changes that matter.

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  • At some point in my professional career, making the right career move was daunting and stressful. Finding a great coach to assist with defining the blockages and using appropriate coaching techniques to provide clarity helped me immensely. Irene Asare was that coach who always brought clarity and focus.

    Afua Yeboah
    Organisational Consult
  • As a transformational leader, Irene does not only have a knack for encouraging us as mentees but she also has the ability to stimulate our intellect and she is very willing to listen to everyone. What we have been exposed to in the HR Mentoring Programme, is constantly reaping benefits in my work.

    Daniel Ahedor
    Mentee, HR Mentoring Programme
  • Irene is an inspirational and forward-thinking leader. The first time I met her I was instantly impressed with her keen interest in the development of the next generation of innovative leaders. I have essentially benefited from Irene’s positive drive, passion for excellence and inspirational leadership. I am frequently reminded by her famous advice to learn constantly, find ways to add value to myself and ultimately continue building on my soft skills. This advice has gone a long way to offer me exciting secondment opportunities at work and practically bolstered my confidence to lead and communicate clearly.

    Derrick Kwaku Afriyie
    Mentee, HR Mentoring Programme
  • Finding the right coach as a business person can be just as challenging as running a business itself. Irene Asare, as my coach, has uniquely opened up my understanding to people and people management in business. Her approach to discovery, analysis and inquiry is thorough, objective and a rather fulfilling to experience. Here, you learn the practice of true business solution-thinking. It makes all the difference.
    Sydney Sam
    Workspace Ceo

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