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April 17, 2020

5 Top Tips for Success!

Over my years in the professional space I’ve learned several lessons that have helped me gain success in my career. Today I’m sharing a few of my top tips to help you flourish in your own careers.

Decision making

It is your decisions that will define you. We have all been there, where we’ve made a decision and we either instantly knew it was a bad one, or we were convinced we had made the right one only for things to turn out horribly.

Your decisions are the difference between living a life full of regret or enjoying life to the maximum. So how do you ensure you make unbiased, well-considered decisions? How can you identify and evaluate the risks of your decision? How can you make sure you’re addressing the right issue?

If you are anything like me, you’re always in a rush to make a decision. Unlearn that and understand that taking your time to make a decision is ok. It doesn’t mean you're less of a professional or indecisive. With this being said, always be mindful of when quick decisions need to be made and when you have a bit of time to really reflect and take into account all the factors before your final decision. Once you make a decision, stick with it and see it through, right or wrong, you will learn from it.

Have a great mentor

A great mentor will show you everything you need to be to succeed as well as help you find your own way of enacting this success. A mentor that you respect, can be open with and who you can your highs and lows with is critical to your growth and success.

I recall one of my mentors had mastered the art of networking. Everywhere we went we would bump into people she knew, everywhere! I was amazed, I noticed that her cheerful personality helped her build so many awesome relationships, something that I took away from the relationship.

Develop strong communication skills

No matter what position you hold in a team, you need to master communication. Irrespective of whether you are a manager or entry-level employee, when you speak, people need to understand you with ease. In many organisations today, we move at such a fast pace, being clear and concise in your verbal and written communication is a critical skill.

Another aspect of good communication is the effect you leave on the listener. Some people naturally tend to be sharp speakers, by this I mean they can say something with no harm intended but unbeknownst to them their tone comes across as offensive. This will leave the listener feeling as if they were on the receiving end of a punishment, when that wasn’t the case.

I’ve been accused of this in my day (I’m glad to say I’m much better now). It’s important to be mindful of how you come across when communicating. Clarity shouldn’t be mistaken for condescension.

Build a feedback culture

There is a famous quote that goes ‘when the farmer is mowing the crops, he cannot see when he has gone off course, it is only when he is directed by an onlooker can he realise his mistake’.

All professionals at every level should be willing to listen to feedback and accept constructive criticism. There are times when we may not be fully aware of the mistakes we are making. If we do not open the channels for feedback we will continue to make those mistakes and they can eventually develop into harmful habits. Listening is one part of the job, acting on the feedback you have been given is where the value lies.

Stay on top of your profession

You need to be ahead of the curve to move. This means that you need to go out and find all the novel information needed for your job. The easiest example of this is technology. With the direction the world is taking, the future of work is upon us. Having a strong understanding of the recent and best technological devices that work to improve yourself, your job and your company will make you an outstanding employee or CEO. Aside from technology devices and applications, this also applies to job-relevant knowledge. How often do you renew your mind and research the recent findings relevant to your profession? This world is in an era of excessive information and it is easily accessible. The information is literally on your fingertips. We don’t have any excuse to not be in the loop.

How will you incorporate these 5 tips into your professional life?

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